Consulting For Your Business

Process Planning

 Planning, and implementation of your individual business processes,  providing an outline for procedure manuals as you continue to grow your business. 

Leadership Skills

Developing your skills as a business owner including leadership of your team.  As a business owner, your role becomes different; leadership skills, employee development and delegating are skills we can develop together. 


 Working together to build an individual training program that makes sense for your small to medium sized business.  Training materials, facilitation and process improvement are all things smaller businesses struggle with leaving gaps  that can eat up time and revenue. 

Business Continuation

Setting up business continuation plan to mitigate revenue loss in the event of a crisis or other disaster.  A small to mid-sized business may not recover from a disaster without them.  According to FEMA 40%-60% of small businesses never reopen after a disaster.  

Identify Marketing Needs

Identifying marketing needs for your business and creating a plan that is easy to maintain, bringing in experts in the field as needed.  We have a network of experts in marketing, branding and everything you'll need to set up a consistent easy to manage plan for your brand. 

CX - Customer Experience

 CX (customer experience) training that will increase your retention and referral business.  Small to mid-sized businesses don't need to miss the opportunity that CX training can provide.  Our signature program will give you the foundation you need to get started.