Grit, that’s what it used to be called. Simple, down right grit. Basic determination to go from point A to point B, regardless of the obstacles we encounter. Grit is defined as “courage and resolve; strength of character”.

Being determined is much like being passionate about something. We’re often determined in our personal lives. We’re determined to help our children succeed, provide for our family financially, have a well-stocked kitchen full of healthy options. Let’s face it, the fact is we are not undetermined. We all have determination to one degree or another.

So, what happened? Where did it all go awry?

The reality is that it didn’t go awry at all. We may be a bit lost, missing some work / life balance or just plain overwhelmed. We have the power of determination, we need to find our power of directing that determination and laser focusing it where it needs to go when it needs to go there. We need to use our “grit” to get there, including determination and strength of character. One’s strength of character is often determined by their courage and resolve in any given situation. Remember that these terms aren’t reliant on each other but combined their power is “grit” and nearly unstoppable.

Many believe that determination and/ or grit is a larger indicator of future success than IQ or education. There are countless articles and studies on the subject providing enough weight to the idea that it can’t be ignored. Determined people self-regulate, monitor themselves and hold themselves accountable in all ways. They will push themselves to their goals, adapt along the way and utilize available resources to grow. Adding in values such as integrity, honesty and dedication makes a great recipe for success.

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