That year, 2006 was quite a banner year.

My honor roll daughter (Iris) 20 years old, who was college bound, sat me down on the front porch one sunny afternoon and let me know she’d enlisted in the army. To say I was shocked was an understatement. That was only the beginning…..

My younger one (Cori) was turning 16 and we were leaving on a cruise for her birthday present, just me and the two girls – a grand adventure none of us had before!

Right after we got back from the cruise my then boyfriend, now husband (Corey) and I were on our way to a family function on a sunny Sunday afternoon when a young girl ran a stop sign and changed our lives. Two surgeries, ICU and a long hospital stay later he was able to keep his leg. Two rods, 20 screws and a new vascular system for a man who delivered bread for a living. He spent the better part of a year in a wheelchair and I learned too much about wound care. This was July.

So he came home from the hospital in a wheelchair with an uncertain future and Iris left for boot camp the end of July and by the end of August she had gotten a serious knee injury in boot camp. She blew her knee out, meniscus and all that jazz. They tried to send her home and she refused, finishing boot camp in a knee brace and severe pain. Her life would also not be the same.

Then came the real hum-dinger of the year Cori became pregnant, with my oldest granddaughter who lives with me.  Welcome to a landmark year!

That Christmas I had a pregnant teenager, a soldier on crutches and a delivery man in a wheelchair. I just kept thinking there’s not even a sitcom that could beat this year!!!

12+ years later my husband has his leg, hasn’t stopped working and is a blessing. My Iris is still carrying her  Army service with her and well on her way to becoming a teacher (finally!) and my Cori is married, living across the street from me and co-parenting her oldest with me like a champ.

In total I now have 5 grandchildren and an amazing extended family that blesses me regulary.

Some years are more challenging, much more! If you’re having a rough moment remember that things often turn out much differently than you’d imagine.

Ask me about how we all not only made it – but made it GREAT!

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    Wow. Amazing!

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