Do you remember when you were a kid? You just lived, laughed and imagined. Not when you were a teenager, not even 10 years old. Back to when you were 6 or 7 years old. When you met someone you just simply met them, you got to know them and openly were who you were. There were no inhibitions, it was genuine.
When we aren’t genuinely ourselves we can’t achieve everything we would otherwise do. We wind up in a cycle of working to be something we’re not and trying to make it work, to force the situation. It’s exhausting!

Finding a way back to your authentic self is invaluable in living your best life. It can lead us to our most fulfilling career and relationships.

The question always winds up being how? How do I find my authenticity? Sometimes it can be hard, other times not so difficult. Starting small is actually a huge step. Questioning yourself can feel uncomfortable at first. What small things in life make you happy? What gives you contentment? Much like trying on a new pair of shoes, ask yourself if it fits right or are you choosing that pair of shoes because you’re ‘supposed to’.

When you’re on the ‘playground’ as a child you’re just exploring, enjoying, feeling and doing. Seems so simple right? As an adult we tend to be more on the level of what we perceive we are supposed to be behaving in any given situation. Yes, of course your mother was right when she told you there’s a way to act when you’re in certain situations. What we forget is that there’s also a way to be and feel that is only and specifically ‘you’ in our daily lives.

Finding yourself can be a different path for each of us, the end result for all of us is being able to ‘let your hair down’, feel your inner self and enjoy being you.

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