Choosing what’s right for you……

Choosing what’s right for you, now that’s a mouthful. Most of us have spent a lifetime doing anything but that. As children and young adults, we’ve reflected on what our parents and role models have told us is right for us. As adults we’ve misplaced what’s right for us amongst the clutter of every day life.

When you’re lost somehow, missing that spark or yearning for change and you’re not able to find your path it’s time to reach out. When you feel the need to grow, personally or professionally, take the time to find what’s right for you. I can offer you a safe space to find your path, find what’s missing and ignite that spark that creates the fire you desire in life. I also can offer you personal or professional consulting services to meet your needs and continue your growth. Choose what works best for you, and we can evolve to grow in the right direction for you.

Coaching may be for you if….

• You’ve decided it’s time for a change.
• You’re ready to be in control of your life and schedule.
• You want to be happier and healthier.
• You’re ready for a good night’s rest.
• You are ready to invest in yourself.
• You believe you’re strong enough to make change.
• You’re done with half-way and are ready to put the work in.

Coaching is not for you if….

• You are not ready to make a commitment to yourself and put in the work.
• You are not ready to invest in yourself.
• You think reading one more self-help book on your own is a better way to go.
• You are not ready to dedicate an hour a week to your personal growth and life satisfaction.
• You are not ready to step outside of your comfort zone.
• You don’t feel you’re ready for change and growth.

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