Once you’ve figured what you want to do…………

Do the research! Find out who’s the best in that – whatever goal you want to reach, someone is the best at it. Find them, read everything they’ve written, follow them on social media. Get inspired by them!

You’ll quickly find that by doing the research and learning about the leaders in your goals that they will be so encouraging to you. No matter if you know them in person or only by following them on social media, they’ll be telling you the whole way you can do this. You are no different than them!

Learn everything you can learn about what it takes to achieve that goal. This is fun people! Don’t make it work, make it exciting. Use your imagination to think about what it WILL be like when you get where you want to be. Remember, it’s your life and you can invent it. You CAN invent yourself, you’re not a fixed object. You’re a living breathing, evolving, amazing person who’s able to grow and the only limitation is your imagination and drive.

It’s easy to be jealous of those who’ve achieved what you want. Super easy! You’re not that simple, you’re complex, intelligent, goal driven and better than that.

How do I know that? Because you’re sitting here reading this. If you weren’t all those things, you’d never be bothered with reading this – would you?

Looking forward to the new year, new challenges and exciting accomplishments! I’m hoping some of you will share with me your goals as we go along!!

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