How to do this? Let’s figure it out!

Change is a big deal, small or large it’s not easy to change yourself.

How do we do this? Where do we start? It can feel totally overwhelming which is why many of us have false starts and go right back to where we were.

First let’s recognize we are asking a big thing of ourselves. Don’t discount it and don’t think it’s going to just happen as if by magic.

Since you’ve already figured out the change you want, let’s get some steps in order to get this done. Do you want a new certification? Do you want to lose weight? A new job? Whatever that change is there’s going to be small and large steps to get there.

I love the idea of starting with smaller steps. It’s more of an ‘instant gratification’ thing for me. If I do one small step I am already heading to where I want to be. So, find the easier smaller steps and see if they can be done quickly to get you on the right path. Do the research, that IS a step! And when you’re researching something you love its super fun.

Once you’ve gotten that out of the way you are ON your way already without much effort at all. Next you have to get the rest of the steps in order and set those goal dates. Be realistic with yourself. Don’t think you’ll be getting that degree by end of first quarter! Enrolling in a class by end of first quarter, achieving the grade you want in that class – these are the manageable steps you will need to cumulate into the big goal.

If you need help, get lost, get discouraged – reach out! Reach out to your support system. Reach out to those who have faith in you when you’re feeling shaky. Get a coach, be your own coach. Whatever you do – don’t quit on yourself!

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