Logic can help

Logic…. It’s an amazing thing….

Why don’t we use our logic to get past our negative self talk?

REALLY – why don’t we?

We use logic constantly in our everyday lives. We sort out problems at work ,prioritize our daily tasks and navigate any challenges that arise.

There’s no reason we can’t use these skills to change the way we view ourselves. Now, I’m not saying discount our feelings – what I am saying is examine them and see if they make sense.

For instance – if you forget to pack a lunch for one of the kids, or miss a function – do you spend the rest of the day (or even week) beating yourself up? Phrases like “I’m so disorganized” or “I failed them, I’m a failure” or “What’s wrong with me?”.

Umm nothing is wrong with you! You probably perform literally 100’s of tasks daily successfully. You probably achieve so many little victories each week that there may be too many to count.

If we use our logical minds to evaluate our days and weeks to see what we actually accomplish. Once we’ve made an inventory (mental OR written) of accomplishments, quantify them. Really, not joking here!

You’ve successfully navigated getting ready for work, along with maybe getting other little people ready for their days, you’ve already planned dinner before you’ve even arrived at work! You get to work, maybe navigate meetings, planning schedules, achieving sales goals, meeting customer expectations – all kinds of things! You get home and not only cook dinner, you probably do errands, chores, check in on your older family members. What else did you do?

Sooooo you forgot something in all that daily mess? Bah! You did SO much already, and while you were at it in the background you were busy planning the next year’s activities including vacations, graduations, birthdays, holidays…..

Evaluate yourself maybe in a positive light, give yourself credit for your daily achievements. Don’t discount all you navigate every day.

You ARE enough!

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