Learning to live in gratitude can certainly lead to a much happier satisfying life. It’s a skill, not something we are all just ‘prone to’. Often times we need to practice and hone this skill in order to grow it and have it become a habit in our daily lives.

First let’s figure out what gratitude actually is. In my opinion it’s not just being thankful, it’s taking the time to recognize those things we are thankful for. So essentially, gratitude is a verb and a noun. It’s a feeling we feel, but it’s also how we take a moment to acknowledge that feeling. Leaving out the momentary recognition of that feeling of gratitude discounts it and leaves it in the dust.

What should you be grateful for? Anything and everything!

We take so much in our daily lives for granted it’s actually crazy. This can be as easy or challenging as you make it. For example, every day I am grateful for something as simple as hot water and soap to wash my hands. The simple fact is regular handwashing is something that hasn’t been around all that long, in fact handwashing in medical settings has only been around 150 to 175 years. Common handwashing, i.e. during food preparation, has really only been recommended by the CDC since the 1980’s. Many less developed countries don’t have access to the necessary running water and soap to have this common hygiene habit, increasing the spread of disease. So, yes, as silly as it sounds, when I go to my kitchen sink a zillion times a day, squirt that liquid soap and wash my hands I take a micro-moment of gratitude for being able to do this so easily and often.

Often, we have so many things to be grateful for we don’t know where to begin and wind up taking much of it for granted.

In the end, I do spend most of my days in gratitude. For my many blessings. My family, my friends, my mentors, so many things I couldn’t begin to list them. Do I have crabby days? Heck yeah, I do! Then I wind up annoying myself so badly I give myself the “what for” lecture and move it along. There’s nothing wrong with having a bad day, a bad moment – we all have that. If we focus on that, rather than what we actually have to be grateful for our lives are heavy and burdensome. With gratitude your life can feel so much more fulfilled, every sunrise is a gift.
Take a moment and take some personal inventory. Aside from handwashing, how many daily things do you take for granted? That lovely morning coffee? That equally lovely evening glass of wine? Everything in between? Find them, acknowledge them and enjoy them. <3

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