Life Recipes

Life recipes…
We all follow recipes when we cook, we follow directions to build things and we follow instructions at work. So, what about life? No recipes, directions or instructions to follow often leads us feeling a bit lost!

Once upon a time we lived in a world with connecting yards, victory gardens and front porches. Sunday school followed by Sunday dinners where we’d spend time with family, two and three generations together to learn from. Neighbors would stop by with desert and have a coffee. Recipes were exchanged, life wasn’t so burdensome and complicated.

In today’s modern world we are missing a lot of that kind of interaction. We’re left with Facebook, Instagram and google, etc. to interact with. We work constantly and are always trying to just get ‘a leg up ‘or caught up! No recipes to follow, not enough binding us together leaves the bread half baked.

What should we do? Get back to basics might just be the ticket. Think of it, when times were ‘back then’ and we had everyone around us we’d get those practical tips to get the job done. Baking soda cleans your drains, salt cleans your cast iron- we lost the basics. We can’t even get a simple stain out without a specialty product.

Let’s get back to basics together. Find the front porch feeling, the community and sharing. Casserole recipes from the neighbor, laundry tips from Grandma can all help us to get down to getting the job done and simplifying our lives- which of course reduces our stress and strain while increasing our satisfied and fulfillment.

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