Don’t we often find that old saying ‘easier said than done’ so true? What in life isn’t just that? The reality is if we want it we should be willing to put in the hard work to do it. Change is hard, scary and often the outcome is unknown. Dedication to working hard to get to an uncertain outcome isn’t easy and shouldn’t be for that matter. Personal or professional growth takes us right out of our comfort zones and into that queasy, uncomfortable place. Change and growth can feel like those tests from school to check on your learning, you know the ones – the ones designed that you can never finish or get it all correct? Yup, that’s not my favorite thing for sure.
So why do it at all? Do we need to level up in life? Let’s think about this for a moment.
Being content and grateful in our current life is so valuable, then why is working hard to grow also important. Balance. Balance is needed in our life in so many aspects. Often, we talk about work / life balance. Similarly, growth and contentment should have balance. Without balance in our lives we become much like an unbalanced scale, being weighted down on one side and not fully functioning.
There’s a saying that one grain of rice can tip the scale. Interesting when you think about it. One grain of rice can tip the scale, one small step can begin that forward movement. As we find balance in life we find harmony and are able to fully function to our highest potential. Changing your thinking can certainly tip those scales.

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