What is a dream job? How does one find it? It seems illusive for many of us to, say the least. Let’s start with what makes that job a “dream job”, for everyone it’s different. Is it as simple as making a certain amount of money? If money is the essence of employment that you’re seeking it may be as simple as identifying high paying careers and gaining the skills needed for those careers.
Salary often becomes a sidebar issue considering the amount of time spent at work. How much money would it be worth for you to spend that much time doing something you hate? Is a large salary worth feeling like you’ve sold your soul? These are some of the questions you may want to ask yourself when considering if salary is the main motivator in your quest for a dream job.
More often than not it’s satisfaction rather than money that makes differentiates a job from a ‘dream job’. What energizes you outside of your typical ‘work day’ is more often than not what will energize you in a job.
Once you find what exhilarates you or what inspires you or energizes you compare that to hobbies or outside interests you are ready have you may indeed find you have found your career just by doing that. If you don’t have the skill set you need, explore what skills you would need in order to make those interests a career. Is it a short-term goal or is it a long-term goal? Is this something you can do by getting a certification or do you need to go to a four-year college or more? once you’ve determined what it’s going to take in order to get that job it’s time to make a plan.
This may not be the same outline for everyone, however it’ll get you moving in a forward direction to what you want in a job. Let’s also not forget that as we grow and change what inspires us may change along the way. It’s alright to change gears if needed. It’s alright to be a beginner at any age. What’s harder than being a beginner at any age very well may be being unhappy at your job forever, only you can decide.

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