Choices for all!

Choices, they’re everywhere, every day, every moment and we don’t often even realize it.
We realize when we are choosing which pair of shoes we want, don’t we? What we don’t realize is every morning from the moment we wake up we are making choices. Yup, you me and everyone else make choices from moment one each day.

Sound overwhelming? Nah, doesn’t really because we don’t even realize it. So, what’s the point to even talking about it? Well, the point is that if we are making those choices without even knowing it randomly throughout the day we should be able to make other choices to improve ourselves and our lives.

Yup, you heard it right, we need to make the choice to improve. Are you unsatisfied with something in your life? Are you unhappy about your financial situation? Your job? Family relationships? Well, my friend, these are things we can choose to improve or change in some way. Now that’s not to say you can make your boss give you a raise, that’d be really nice though. What I’m saying is nothing will change if you don’t make a choice to change it.
Once you’ve made that choice, you’re already subconsciously committing to doing something about it. No change occurs without action. Whether it’s change in your attitude or change in your job or relationships. Action of some sort has to happen.

So, my friends, give yourself a minute and think about something you want to change. Then take that next moment and decide to MAKE the change.

There! You’ve done it. You’ve already made the first step! It wasn’t so horrible was it? Nah, it wasn’t.
Next step? Now that’s up to you to decide too. Make that action plan. Find an accountability partner if you need it. This is possible!

Don’t spend your life “should-ing” all over yourself. “I should have done this or that”. Nope! Give it a whirl. You’re busy making choices all day anyway, make a conscious choice for you and your future!

Remember…. trying is risking failure, not trying ensures it.

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