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How I Became A Coach

My Story

I am a certified professional life coach with an eclectic background that includes a career that spans training to sales and a personal life that includes my incredibly huge and diverse family.

My career began in Corporate America where I had the benefit of being able to work in many capacities and take advantage of the trainings offered. I was not always passionate about my career choices, however with a young family I wasn’t willing to take risks to pursue my dreams so I found a way to enjoy whatever I was doing at work. I had always loved helping others, I truly found that was a passion when I was able to help launch a new training and education department at work. I found myself exhilarated watching people excel at their jobs and found new meaning in what I was doing.

On the home front I had always been active in the community. I enjoyed doing everything from fundraising for the volunteer fire department to working closely with community leaders for our Parks and Recreation committee. I spearheaded fundraising efforts for the parades, organized and ran community events and put structure to the organization right down to simple things like preformatting the materials we were working with. It was a great experience and as sad as I was to leave when I moved, I knew I was leaving them in better shape than when I signed on.

My family has always been a great source of pride for me. I am adopted, and have been blessed to be reunited with my birth family. Along the way I’ve also been instrumental in helping others through their reunions. I was raised by the most incredible parents who always made sure we knew how much we were “their children” and wanted. I remember always feeling so special! In any event, my families have morphed into one conglomerate and given me such amazing gifts. There’s not one moment I take it all for granted.

Why coaching?

With my combined personal and professional experience over the years, I’ve found that my passion seeing people achieve their goals is truly a part of what makes me tick. Somehow, I’ve had the ability to live a life of doing just that! Combining that with my coaching education and certification I am blessed with not just the ability but the tools to really enable impactful change to happen. I feel like we all have our own path, I’m here to help you find your personal or professional path.

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